Here's just a small sampling of the natural treasures we are working with...

Shitaki mushrooms.jpg


We grow Shiitake mushrooms on oak and birch logs inside of our forest canopy. Logs are harvested from our land as part of our forest management plan. 


ramps - allium tricoccum

Ramps, or wild leek, are a perennial plant found growing in moist woodlands in eastern North America. Ramps grow slowly from a small bulb, spreading and colonizing over time. The leaves emerge in early spring, but the plants are ephemeral, disappearing within a month or two and remaining dormant until the following spring.



Goldenseal is a valued medicinal herb, which traditionally has been used to treat inflammatory conditions of the eye, mouth, and digestive system. Recently, it has gained a reputation as an antibiotic, immune system enhancer, and synergistic herb. It wants to grow in rich, moist, well-drained soils, and under a hardwood canopy.

Rosa Rubignosa seedlings

ROSE HIPS - rosa rugosa & rosa rubignosa

We have started a nursery of Rosa Rugosa (beach rose) and Rosa Rubignosa, which are excellent for their rose hip production. We intend to cultivate these roses to start our rose hip jam production.